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September 13, 2017

- says a quote.  So the road is the representation of your journey/path and the Buddha is a metaphor, an allegorical term for what we would perceive as an enlightened being. - ¨On your path, when you come upon what you perceive to be a enlightened being, kill him and set yourself free of believing him to be the ultimate one, Buddha. And you will be free again to continue on your path for enlightenment. ¨ So what that means to me is to always have a beginners mind, which we always should be doing.

This is not a morbid or a violent quote, its only saying to let go of the expectation or attachments we have to the ideas we place surrounding any particular theme in our life. When we come to a place in life when we think we know we should re-evaluate, cuz we dont. ( Even tho Krishnamurtis' quote says; ¨Observing without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence¨ ) When we’re completely enamoured to another person and we look up to them and are like - ¨Ahh they’ve got it all figured out.¨ Pause and re-evaluate. They’re just a person too, and possibly just as opinionated and wrong as you are. Again, this is not a physical act, we are not violently attacking anyone. We are only letting go of our attachments to him being the Buddha.

I dont think you necessarily need someone else to enlighten you, and you can realize truth by yourself.

Either way, I do think it’s good to have someone teach you, and to share thoughts with friends who are also striving for enlightenment. We can learn a lot by talking to someone who has gone farther along the path than oneself, but I also think enlightenment can be attained without another person to guide one. So we should not have to rely on so-called Gurus. Growth is a never-ending journey, so when we meet someone on the road we admire we should not stop, and think this is the ultimate.

I like to read and learn from great mystics, seers and masters such as; Shams Tabrizi, Rumi, Kristnamurti, Abraham, OSHO, and many more. Even though these are people that I have a great admiration for, I choose not too glorify them, and take with me that which resonates with my inner self.

We are all journeying on our very own path. So we should not try to find a Buddha on the road, which would be a result of looking outside of ourselves and making the mistake of trying to follow someone else on their road. In doing this, we would forget that their road is and can never be ours, so trying to follow them to enlightenment would be foolish. When we catch ourselves looking outside ourselves and trying to walk the road to another and imitating their search to enlightenment, we should ¨kill¨ that Buddha. Allow yourself to forget and abandon that outward seeking, and look within to return to our own road.

There’s no rules of enlightenment, but there is a certain nature.  But then again what is enlightenment? Another thought, another time.

So my point is.. there is no point, these are just thought :)

My friend Pålemann said; If you think the Guru is outside of yourself, you have missed the point.

These thoughts that were inspired by Pålemann. Check out his work.

KILL YOUR GURU, is about letting go. Whether it be yoga, rationality, ayahuasca, science or whatever, you have to let it go. It is much easier to let go of what you don't want, than to let go of what you do want. Either way, it's the ego speaking. -Shoot the messenger, but not the message. -Pålemann

Omer Bhatti
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